Don’t allow JKR’s beliefs to rob you of something you love

I want to implore everyone who has ever found something inspiring, something heroic, something worth teaching your children, or even a reflection of themselves in the Wizarding World: please do not set aside the books you love as a reaction to their author’s statements. Regardless of how you feel about her stance on trans-rights, don’t punish yourself in an attempt to punish Rowling herself.

I’ve seen so many people say they can’t read the books anymore, that they’ve taken posters and memorabilia from their walls but kept them in their house because they can’t bear to part with it in…

Plus updates on three previously announced indie titles

Sony’s resident rockstar Shuhei Yoshida (sorry Jim Ryan), wrote a post on the PlayStation blog this week that set up another day for Sony to focus on their PlayStation Indies initiative. Sure enough, four new games and three updates were dropped over the course of three hours. The biggest news of the day will undoubtedly be the further details and release date for the highly anticipated Disco Elysium: Final Cut, which is coming on March 30th. More on that shortly, as we’ll first detail the four new game announcements that were made today.


Showcasing multiple ways to work in the gaming industry

Here at SUPERJUMP, we always want to talk with game designers and developers to find out how they got into the industry and what gave them the motivation to go after a career in gaming. But we also like to spotlight other careers in the industry, to show those who may be thinking of chasing this particular dream that there’s more than one way to skin the proverbial cat.

Lucky for us, we have an excellent example of just that topic in our own ranks. Our writer Aaron Moy has a lot of different jobs in the industry, and he’s…

Where is the outrage over Cuomo’s COVID-19 lies?

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been lauded for his leadership and excellent handling of New York’s response. He has appeared on CNN dozens of times, been interviewed by stars like Billy Crystal and Andy Cohen, and even went on a (virtual) book tour to promote his book about leadership during times of crisis.

It was all lies, every bit of it, and the media took it, hook, line, and sinker. …

As the next-gen battle heats up, Sony must return to the marketing successes of the PS3 era

“Well played, Mauer.”

These three words are cemented into my memories of PlayStation lore, and as a Sony diehard for 5 generations now, that’s saying a lot. This, and many other memorable quips, were the legacy of PlayStation’s greatest marketing campaign, starring the legendary Kevin Butler. Now, Sony faces perhaps the biggest competitive fight of its 30+ year history, not to mention PR issues related to the release of the PS5, where pandemic-induced manufacturing delays and bot-powered scalping are keeping the systems out of the hands Sony wants them to be in. …

The shmup sequel offers great nostalgic action and value

No matter how many times I reconsider my Top 10 games from the NES era, one title in particular always finds its way onto the list. Life Force was a ‘Holy Grail’ sort of game for me, one that I stared at on the video store shelf for months before finally mustering the courage to rent it. I habitually poured over video game magazines of the day and read about the quality and difficulty of the game, so it took me a while to work up the nerve. I’m so glad I did, though I don’t think I could ever…

Are smaller stories within existing game worlds the wave of the future?

I recently, finally, finished Insomniac’s superb PS5 launch title, SpiderMan: Miles Morales. As one of the biggest games to have accompanied the launch of the PlayStation 5 console, it was always going to be a smashing success for Sony. But the devs went above and beyond to craft a great story and solve the thorny problem of making combat fun from the very start. Throw in a well-acted and likable lead, and heaps of loving detail included in the game’s Harlem neighborhood setting, and the title shines even with its shorter-than-the-original length.

Speaking of that length, many fans expressed at…

How will the sequel compare to the original?

One of the surprise hits of 2017 was a horror-tinged puzzle platformer from Malmo, Sweden-based Tarsier Studios, called Little Nightmares. The game literally dripped with atmosphere, telling its story through the environment you were tasked with traversing. Terrifyingly-proportioned humans pursued your character relentlessly through a claustrophobic nightmare of a ship, gorgeous and vile at the same time. Brief blissful moments of safety punctuated the overall feeling of dread you faced throughout the adventure.

All of this made the original an instant classic, and more than 2 million copies later, we are on the precipice of the sequel. I’ve written about…

How do you prepare when the rules are still being written?

The process of building a startup company is always fraught with trials, tribulations, and risks. But when the rules are still being written for how you will actually be able to conduct your business, the issues can multiply quickly. Add in a global pandemic and the task can seem gargantuan.

Despite the challenges, this is exactly what Dreamfield has done over the past 12 months, preparing to be first-to-market in the emerging Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) marketing field for college athletes. …

Studio co-founder Ryan MacLean gives us insight into the creation of hits like Guacamelee and Severed

One of the gems of the indie game development scene is DrinkBox Studios, creators of the Guacamelee franchise, the hit touch-based title Severed, and the Tales From Spaces games. Having discovered Guacamelee a few years back, I fell in love with the mix of intense platforming action, couch co-op mode, and off the wall humor. Though platformers are in no shortage these days, there’s nothing else quite like it on the market.

We recently reached out to the studio to get a peek behind the curtain of their design process, find out where the crazy jokes come from, and try…

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