Thank you Mazin, really appreciate you checking it out and glad you enjoyed it!

I have to disagree about the Spidey expansion, only because I think of it as extra content that won't affect Spidey 2 at all. I have to imagine the choice would have been to release MM as DLC, or flesh it out some more and release it as Spidey 1.5, kinda like what Naughty Dog did with Lost Legacy. I'm glad they went with the latter, something to tide people over until the real sequel, especially if they got with a $30 or $40 price point.

I think Ratchet will sell systems for them at launch, after the huge success of R&C 2016, they've been working on it for a while and I think Sony probably asked for it to be a launch title.

H2:FW does look incredible, I'm so excited about the underwater portions and seeing all that detail we've come to expect from Guerilla!

A thought isn’t an idea until you write it down and share it with the world. So I write thoughts about video games, and a few other things. Twitter: @htb390

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